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Founded and created by Imogene S. Bibbs in 2020, Mind of a Growing Woman IB also known as MOAGWIB, is a non-profit organization to help men and women navigate life in their role as a single parent. Being a single parent herself, Imogene found herself struggling financially, emotionally and mentally while trying to raise her daughter on her own, attend college and juggle multiple responsibilities.  Often times, when single parents first start off they are able to receive daycare assistance, WIC, government housing, food stamps, etc.  But what happens when that single parent gets a job and their income goes up only by a few dollars per hour?  They are cut off of some and at times all of those resources. But they still need help!  Regardless if you receive assistance or not, it is still a struggle to be a single parent.  Here at MOAGWIB, we provide the information needed to get out of poverty and achieve sustainability.  Every parent must sign up for a Budget Assistance Plan upon entering the program.  After completing that successfully then each individual case will be analyzed accordingly.  We have a number of resources and community partners for housing, higher education enrollment assistance, job placement, daycare assistance, financial literacy, credit counseling, home buying assistance, psychological counseling and much more to help each single parent escape poverty, get to the next level of financial freedom and success in life. As grants, events and opportunities in the community arise, we will inform each parent of that information.

**Please see our list of Community Resources page for specific needs**

Please complete a Client Intake Form (click here) so that we can best help you with the services you need.

We believe all people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

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